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When replacing an existing site with a new site or giving it an overhaul, we must be aware of the "good content" we created and the URLs we have indexed in Google.  When giving a site an overhaul, we can keep the underlaying structure and can choose to change things. With a new site we must recreate the important URLs or otherwise  account for them,

Avoid broken links, make sure inbound links still reach important pages.

Openly Connected - everything websites for businessOpenly Connected builds quality full-featured websites for Businesses, with 1 year of Total WebCare: Ultra Reliable Hosting, Proactive Maintenance and Active Support.   We build each site for the specifics of that business, its use and the people who will be visiting it.  

Our first step, listen & learn about your company, the business your in and why you need a new website, helps us understand your perspective.   We study your competitors, discuss style, functionality and how best to meet your needs... From here we can propose a cost effective solution, designed to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Functional NOT Frustrating 

User driven design, ease of use and dependable performance are at the core of each Openly Connected Website.  Designed to be be operated by nontechnical users, OC websites are known for ease of operation: adding text, pages, users and running reports are simple point -n- click operations. 

Building a new website is critical for a new company, developing a brand or promoting a product. A new website requires companies to think about themselves, from style & color to to public policy.  Openly Connected has built many websites for large corporations and individual artist's websites, our business, technical, creative and marketing experience makes us very well suited to help companies develop an appropriate, affordable and sustainable online presence.   OC clients get top level support for their projects from the start, with things like domain registration, email set-up, temporary place holder websites and private online development areas, we build websites that last, you may never need to replace this website! 


Second Half: 


Building a new website is not always the best solution...

Introducting Website Overhaul

A new website is not always the best solution, in fact the management of a site has a great deal to do with its effectiveness.   Many websites can easily be upgraded relatively quickly and inexpensively.   Total WebCare, our website support system, can take an older site, clean it up and get it performing for you for a fraction of the time and price of building a new site.  In fact when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS), like Drupal & WordPress or some subscription service sites like Wix or Shopify, more often than not, an overhaul is as good as a new site, built on the same platform, except it can cost up to 1/2 as much as take a lot less time to complete as well!