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Proactive Maintenance  +Hosting

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Pro-Active Maintenance: preventive care for your businesses’ web presence. Because of the preventative work we do; the chances are quite good that you will never see: bad guys, downtime and errors on your site.
EIGHT point check-up leaving nothing to chance, we step through the top causes of down time.
PLUS Hosting: Openly Connected’s Ultra-Reliable Hosting starts with a ‘state of the art’ cloud server, secured, back-ups and monitored. Your site will have virtually 100% uptime, normally less that 60min of unexpected downtime each year.
Your website is a technical marvel, nothing short of amazing for it's flexibility, performance, stability and security. However, it’s also fragile and relies of a stream of updates & ‘patches’ to keep secure and performing at its max.


Second Half: 

Ultra-reliable Hosting

We offer world class hosting platforms, which we tune for the systems it will run i.e. MYSQL, Apache, PHP, JAVA & Python, Amazon AWS is our 1st choice for cloud hosting services.

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Right-sized Web Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Storage
  • Upgrade your services, reduced costs, with OC!

Updates & Patches

We believe Open Source Software plays a very important part in the Internet's over all security, for every user. The continual improvement and transparency with security issues keeps the good guys, 1 step ahead.  Openly Connected supports and uses Open Source Software, which is just one of the security mesures we take care of for you every day.

  • Update profile management
  • Server & system - updates & patches
  • Update CMS, App server, Libraries
  • Domains, Licenses & Certificates

Remote System Monitoring

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

We access real time statistics of the most important parameters, for the whole cloud, watching each site from 1 of 10 random locations, every 5 min. we notice the smallest issue and act before its even noticeable.

  • Networks, Servers & Hardware
  • Web up time, performance, up-time 
  • 3rd party Partners, Social Media Sites
  • Domain Names, Digital Certificates
  • Your Competitors!

8 Point WebCARE Check-up

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

The system check list is a very important tool, used to be sure we are checking and tending to a collection of not so of glamorous tasks, which could mean the different between having the crash while customers are checking out, on never crashing!

  • 8 Point check up Including:
  • Review Log & Access Files
  • Check fire wall and IDS logs
  • Check update profile
  • User accounts and files