OC Emergency Services

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Immed​iate Response in an Emergency!

Who Can you call when your site goes down?  Openly Connected! Who do you call when you've been hacked? Openly Connected! Who Can you call, when it just can't wait till morning? Openly Connected Emergency Response is who to call!

We are always available and we really do care.

Call our 24hr OC Emergency Response hot line phone number to be connected directly to an on-call senior engineer, who will listen to your problem, give you an honest assessment of your situation and how OC can help.

If you have an account on the OC Hub, then call the OC Emergency Response phone number, you were provided with this number in your welcome email or you can find it by logging into the Hub and follow the Emergency Support link and get help right away. 

If you do not have an account on the OC hub, then you will need to create an one before you can open a support request. Go to the OC Hub , click here or visit (https://hub.openlyconnected.com/) to create a free account.


You will need to place a lot of trust in Openly Connected, for us to be able help you. You will be asked to make a payment before work can start, you can make a credit card payment at the hub, we will not start without this payment.

You will be asked to provide the root/admin passwords to your server, database, website and relevant 3rd party providers. As well as documentation and even access to the person who built the site. The more we know about your site and the more prepared you are will have a lot to do with how well we can help you.

All Work done by Openly Connected is paid in advance, members are asked to keep a minimum positive balance of prepaid support hours, this is amazingly helpful in keeping costs down and our company secure. We do however understand this can be a little discomforting, so we will take your emergency call 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, you can explain your problem and we will discuss our process with you. Please understand we cannot suggest solutions or provide a diagnosis, this call is a courtesy for both parties, for getting an idea of what is needed and if Openly Connected can indeed deliver on your request, we will only take a job we were very sure we can complete successfully.

If the OC Engineer feels reasonably certain he can fix the issue after this interview, he will explain in general terms what must be done, how he will go about fixing it and an estimate of how much it will cost to make the repair. At this point he will ask you to make a retainer payment of 75% of the estimated total.  When the retainer is received, an OC project manager will contact you by which ever means you specify to gather all of the necessary details and give you an idea of what to expect.

Emergency Support Pricing

(For Non-total WebCare SubScribers)
1st hr is 150 USD
$110 next 2 hrs
Many simple problems are solved in less than 3hrs = $260

The Emergency retainer will be $200 or 75% of the total estimate, which ever is more. All work is by the hour, estimates are made as a courtesy , the final bill may be more or less than the estimate.

For Total WebCare Subscribers
Emergency support tickets for Total WebCare members are normally answered in less the a 1hr. The first Emergency call per cycle is billed at the normal, support rate, additional After Hrs, Immediate support requests are billed at 1.5 of normal development time.