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DJ History

Fasten your seatbelts, DJhistory is happy to have you aboard. We'll be cruising at an altitude of three feet or so. The weather at our destination is warm and sunny. We've phoned ahead and they're getting the cocktails ready. We've spent the last ten years working together as dance music archaeologists, digging up the bones of disco, examining the old school, and arguing over who was the first person to use 'hip-hop' in a work of detective fiction. Our website is a great place to waste your workday – marvel at our monthly Mystery Mixes, pore over acid house magazine articles, commune with disco druids, or buy killer tunes from our little shop, especially Secret Weapons – our collections of exclusive rarities put together by DJhistory's clever member DJs.

This site ws created by Openly Connected and managed through various updates.  The cataloge of music they had available was uge and came from more than a dozen sources, for sale in one completely custom system.