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Openly Connected, or OC was born in the Spring of 2007, to provide small and medium sized businesses with the Internet capabilities, that were only available to larger businesses, who had dedicated teams of  developers, artists, marketers and server guys.   We started out building new websites for clients and offering     ongoing support; almost as an afterthought.  It didn’t take too long before we realized, it’s the day to day            activity, (our support) that gets the consistent results.

Website Support it's what we do.

Rather than building a brand new site, we offer a “Website Overhaul” which has most of the advantages  (new look & feel, shape-up content and the latest features” like a new site,  at only 1/2 the price and 1/3  of the time to get done.    

Our main service offering: Total WebCare provides Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting and Proactive Maintenance, plus Active Support, your own development team, on demand,  you only pay for the time you use.   We are a 1 stop Shop for everything Business Internet, we’ve created an environment that is flexible  enough for customers to do things themselves, or simply open a support ticket to have the work done for them. 

Your success is our success!

We operate on the axiom: “ your success, is our success!”  it is clearly in our best interest to give you the best advice and the highest quality work.  We learn about your business & your competitors   Our work pays for itself, and then some in business speak this is called a Return on Investment (ROI).

We consider it necessary to have one or more of the following tenets true for each project or support ticket:

  1. Selling or Generating Income
  2. Saving Time, Effort or Money
  3. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

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Create New Business, Save Money and Increase Customer Satisfaction.

It is a great advantage having a support organization who knows your business and technology.