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Website Hosting is commodity, having your website, up and running well nearly all of the time is what we expect, we haven't cornered the market on ‘state of the art’ cloud server technology, a secured platform, firewalls, intrusion detection, regular back-ups and monitoring systems that will let us know within minutes of something going wrong. There are many options that will provide virtually 100% uptime.

Ultra-Reliable Website Hosting - has the OC personal touch, we are there, making sure all of this stuff is working correctly on your web presence, we know because we know your system and if something does go wrong, we are there to fix it, right away, if you have a question, a problem or need something - we are there for you, when you need us, with advice you can count on and explanations that you can understand.
Your CMS  or Online Store is nothing short of a technical marvel, few people realize the complexity, the sheer amount of code, that it is created by 100's of different developers, working independently; around the globe creating this wonderful web technology.  These Open Source systems are a platform for us to create custom business web solutions.  Under regular development by these Open Source Communities, security flaws and bugs are identified, fixed them made available to the developer community, sometimes within hours of a flaw being found.
Openly Connected's Value Add: You won't notice: the right-hand knows what the left is doing, we keep each of the layers, of your web presence, in sync; operating securely, effectively and smoothly - every day.

Openly Connected, Drive New Business, Save Time and Improve Customer Satisfaction