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Pro-Active Maintenance: The foundation of TotalWebCARE, preventive care for business web presences; like a car, a website requires regular maintenance.  Begining with Ultra Reliable Website Hosting and a complete care package the results are a secure, high performing website - No Excuses.  Our personalized approach covers 'servers to strategy', Each account has a local OC contact person,  someone who can explain (in the level of detail you want), why your site performs so well, answer your questions and keep you up to date, as needed.
Total WebCARE's - Proactive Maintenance includes 24x7 Emergency Response,  Unlimited Hosting and 'behind the scenes care' that ensures your site works, the way you expect, virtually all of the time!   Total WebCARE - Security, Performance, Reliability you can count on. 
The OC Team gauges its success, by our client's results. 


Updates, Patches and Renewals

  • Update profile management
  • Server & system - updates & patches
  • Update CMS, App server, Libraries
  • Domains, Licenses & Certificates

System Updates & Patches are one of the most important things we do.  As system vulnerabilities are found, they are quietly fixed or 'patched' by the community and then publically announced, the systems that up-date are safe, however, a how-to 'crack' the unpatched site is easily available.     We keep you informed about updates, renewing licenses, domains and SSL certificates, save you the time and still keep you in the loop.  

Remote System Monitoring

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Networks, Servers & Hardware
  • Web uptime, performance, uptime 
  • 3rd party Partners, Social Media Sites
  • Domain Names, Digital Certificates
  • Your Competitors!

Every 5 minutes we check the real-time information for the network and server which power your website and we are notified when any of these systems act-up, normally long before its even noticeable on the site.   When we get an alert, we act on it, if for some reason there is a problem, we let you know we are working on it, when its fixed, what happened and  what we did to prevent it from happening again. 

Ultra-reliable Hosting

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Right-sized Web Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • Unlimited Disk Storage!

We offer world class hosting platforms, which we tune for the systems it will run, our 1st choice is Amazon cloud hosting services.

8 Point WebCARE Check-up

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • 8 Point check up Including:
  • Review Log & Access Files
  • Check firewall and IDS logs
  • Check update profile
  • User accounts and files

The system checklist is a very important tool, used to be sure we are checking and tending to a collection of not so of glamorous tasks, which could mean the difference between having the crash while customers are checking out, on never crashing!