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Are you getting results from your Web Presence?

New Business?

Saving time?

Customer Satisfaction?

2 Powerful Approaches

2 Powerful Approaches

Total WebCARE

Managed Business Websites

Total WebCARE: Complete care for your business web. Since 2007, Openly Connected has been providing Colorado clients with a a full-featured Web Presence Management service, our Personalized - Technology, Creativity and Content Creation, works a lot like a department in your company, you only developer pay for time you use, the measurable OC ROI savings. We provide a complete Internet service, we stand by our work and we are there when you need us, 24 x 7!

Total webCARE - We work closely with our clients, building on previous work, creating ideal - cost effective solutions. We stand behind all of our work, considering the long term implications, along with quick and high-quality outcomes - means Total WebCARE clients save time and money now and over the long haul.

Total WebCARE experience and expertise means reliable, secure and high performance - virtually always.   

I'ts more than that, a lot more: we try harder to see your business succeed, we are available when you need us 24x7 (no extra charge), there are no stupid questions (we're here to answer them), Openly Connected - Total WebCARE is here for you!

OC works hard to see you get the best value, for your Internet Investment.

Project Work

Moving forward with productive projects

Some of the more common projects: New websites, make mobile phone friendly, upgrading websites, fixing broken sites, adding new features to websites, build new plugins/modules, install & configure, add new eCommerce store to your site or add new eCommerce features for an existing site, build survey sites, Marketing campaign landing pages, animated sliders to tell a story about your projects.  Existing Content Management Site theme upgrade (get an all new look & feel).  Install Social Media Widgets in websites,  Set-up Social Media Accounts,  Create Social Media Posts (min - 5 posts), Create Blog Posts (min - 10 posts), Create Web Art - for pages, posts, etc... Web Promotion, Web Advertising, Google Set-up: Analytics, AdWords, Business, Webmaster tools, Maps & Search.

Give us a call, for a FREE Openly Connected Estimate!

Total WebCARE

Total WebCARE

Expert Support for your Business Internet Presence

Cloud Hosting, Critical Updates, Backups, Programming, Creative Design, Copy Writing and Business/Product Promotion

Total WebCARE operates like your own Internet department; we learn about your business, take responsibility and go that extra mile to see your business web suceede.   
Each Total WebCARE account has an OC point-of-contact, a go-to person for straight answers.

We build long term relationships, "One Success at a Time!"

Save Money, Time and Frustration - Call Openly Connected Today.

Get expert, reliable website work, done when YOU NEED IT
Simply open an OC Support Ticket!


  • Fast, Secure and Reliable 24x7x365 



  • Regular maintenance prevents unexpected downtime.



  • On Demand experts, keeping your site fresh and functional.



  • Strategic Planning, SEO, Social Media, Advertising

Project Work

Project Work

Openly Connected

Builds Internet Software

Drupal, Wordpress, Custom Websites ** eCommerce, Blogs, Marketing ** Easy Edit, Mobile Ready

Cloud Hosting * eCommerce * Blogs * Custom Programming

Marketing * Advertisning * Social Media

We proviode expert services ranging from Hosting to SEO

   New and Upgraded Websites

New Websites

We often recommend a Content Management Package such as Drupal or Wordpress as a starting place for most new Web sites, Blogs, eCommerce and custom use sites. There are other choices and the best way for us to help is to know about your project, we always offer a free consultation.

Upgrade Your WeSite

If you already have a website, upgrading and building on the work you have is a fantastic option. You can cut 1/3 or more from the financial cost as well as time and effort. By refining your existing site, such as text, images and video as well as web technology, you will be gaining ground here too.

1 Year Warrentee

We stand behind all of our work! New Websites and Upgraded Sites come with 1 year of Total WebCARE and 5 Hours of Active Support, everything you need to operate your website for the first year.

Other Custom Work

We offer a wide variety of Internet oriented work: Technical, Creative and Business Development

Our Faviorts Include:

Programming, Server and Database work,Photography, Design and Search.

We do a great job; because we listen to you, from the start. We take time to understand what is you expect your project to do, how you expect it will work, how it will look and from here we offer advice and help you reach your goals. This is our starting place, a draft Design Document, containing your business experience and our technology expertise. From here the process is easy to follow and understand, and our design Doc with ensure will stay on track and budget, or it warn us, if we are not - so we can make adjustments early in the process.



Reliable web Development and Support since 2007

Regular Support and Maintenance for Business Internet

Specializing in Content Management Systems

Hosting, Programming, Design and Promotion 
Pay only for the time you use, on-call 24x7.

Total WebCARE - Managed Website Solutions - From the start, our clients come first! Have a question, need some work done? Each client has a local, human, contact, who knows you, your business, is ready and waiting to hear from you! Active Support, means anything from a questions or huge projects, you have our full attention!

Since the Spring of 2007 Openly Connected (OC) has provided Internet capabilities and solutions; previousy only available to businesses with dedicated teams of developers. Our value add, is personalized customer care and OC's ROI;  planning right from the start by designing projects which drive new business, save time and improve customer satification


Openly Connected's Return on Investment from a "one off solution" or a year of OC Total WebCARE! ask us how your next project can pay for itself

Your success is our success!

We operate on the axiom: “ your success is our success!” We want to be your reqular web company, for the long run, it is clearly in our best interest, to see your business thrive!

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with Website Care that Pays for itself,
    with Proactive Maintenance and Active Care.
  • Proactive Maintenance, provides quality, reliable, complete and
    afffordable business WebCARE
  • Our Projects, Create New Business, Save Time and
    Increase Customer Satisifaction!

Openly Connected, Total WebCARE

Expert Development - One Stop Internet Shop


Various Technical Skills -  Expert Problem Solvers - Solutions Enginers

What makes Openly Connected Standout is our Complete Level of Care, which you probably will never know about, when things "just work."

Our Clients

Our Clients

The sites below are a sample of sites Rob Butterworth developed with Openly Connected or as the lead developer with Computer Associates (CAI), here you will see a wide variety of development styles, technologies and clients: Fortune 500, Start-ups, Small Business and Non-profit.
If you have a project and would like to cut through the nonsense to get an honest and reliable bid, contact Openly Connected 303-910-3977 or eMail
Contact Us

Contact Us

Openly Connected

Total WebCARE Support Line (24x7): 303-910-3977

Openly Connected Sales: 303-910-3977

Connect with us on LinkedIN

Email me at:  hello at openlyconnected dot com


We'll be glad to hear from you!

Active Support

Active Support

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

1 phone call, email or support ticket away

Expert programming, graphic design, copywriting and photography, done the way you want it, when you want it!


Openly Connected's, Active Support service means experienced web techs are at the ready to create impressive visual & written content that is on message as well as developing the new technology solutions/features, just right and when you need them.

We make it a point to know about your business as well as your technology to consistently deliver good advice and technical solutions on time and under budget.


Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS       
  • CMS and custom platforms: Drupal, WordPress (experts)
  • We create templates, modules, eCommerce customizations
  • Custom Work: if You've seen it online, we can build it for you too.

The ability to write custom code means, there is little we can't do, if you have seen in online, chances are very good, we can build it for you!

Creative Services

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Look & Feel - Themeing
  • On location / in studio Photography - products, people & places 
  • Website design, User Interface & User Experience Design
  • Expert Web Copywriting

Where programming stops, graphic design picks-up, creativity with some technical skills to means there is a world of design and color at your fingertips, you limit is your own imagination



Assessment & planning

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Interviews & requirements gathering
  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • Testing & Reporting

A very important part of managing a site is documentation, the written specifications, how we did this or that and why, what we used, etc...
this can save valuable hours in repairs and new development.


Emergency Support

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • It's a rare day when an OC system has an unexpected emergency. Most of the time, we know and correct any problems long before our clients even knew something was wrong.
  • In the event, you do experience an unexpected problem:  A 24 x 7 x 365 human being will respond and correct your issue with the appropriate urgency, you would expect from perfectionists.

An emergency is a subjective thing, the thing is you know it when you're in one, we put your ticket to the front of the line and there are no extra charges, even at 3 am, for Total WebCARE subscribers.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
Pro-Active Maintenance: preventive care for your businesses’ web presence. Behind the sceenes care, much like you car,  website maintenance and oversight greatly reduces the chances of expensive down time, damaged gear, lost data and errors on your site.  Once more, if something does go wrong, as the do, Openly Connected is there, with Emergency Response 24x7 is included, our monitoring system lets us know, if anything is 'acting up' - (if you suspect something - simply let us know, we'll check it out) either way - we'll be there - the right way - right away.
Pro-Active Maintenance - EIGHT point check-up:  on a regular schedule, we go through our 8 point review - looking throughly into the performance, users, systems, patterns of the operation of your site, to be sure your site, is running at peak efficiency. 
We want to be your go-to web people!  You can count on Openly Connected and Total WebCARE for everything you need for your Internet Presence today as well as tomorrow.   Your Success is our Goal and how we judge our performance.
What is a 'patch' or update, what is so important?
It's hard to OVERSTATE the importance of keeping computers and software up to date:  
Most hacker gain entrance and take control of systems that are NOT up to date!
However there are thousands of "white hat hackers", the good guys who look for, fix and report flaws where ever they are found, as it happens the Black Hat or bad guys see the same thing and if your site is patched, your OK, however they name these things "Wana cry" for a reason! Openly Connected developers and server admins monitor these to be sure our servers, networks and websites are secure and sound! We do our best to keep the crackers, hackers and script kiddies, from doing damage! In the event something goes wrong, we have recovery plans ready to go, even in the wort case, we will have your site up and running on back-ups and recovery servers.

Ultra-reliable Hosting

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Right-sized Web Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • Unlimited Disk Storage!

We offer world class hosting platforms, which we tune for the systems it will run i.e. MYSQL, Apache, PHP, JAVA & Python, our 1st choice is cloud hosting services.

Updates & Patches

  • Update profile management
  • Server & system - updates & patches
  • Update CMS, App server, Libraries
  • Domains, Licenses & Certificates

We believe Open Source Software plays a very important part in the Internet's overall security, for every user. The continual improvement and transparency with security issues keep the good guys, 1 step ahead.  Openly Connected supports and uses Open Source Software, which is just one of the security measures we take care of for you every day.

Remote System Monitoring

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • Networks, Servers & Hardware
  • Web uptime, performance, uptime 
  • 3rd party Partners, Social Media Sites
  • Domain Names, Digital Certificates
  • Your Competitors!

We access real-time statistics of the most important parameters, for the whole cloud, watching each site from 1 of 10 random locations, every 5 min. we notice the smallest issue and act before its even noticeable.

8 Point WebCARE Check-up

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance
  • 8 Point check up Including:
  • Review Log & Access Files
  • Check firewall and IDS logs
  • Check update profile
  • User accounts and files

The system checklist is a very important tool, used to be sure we are checking and tending to a collection of not so of glamorous tasks, which could mean the difference between having the crash while customers are checking out, on never crashing!

Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting

Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting

Website Hosting is commodity, having your website, up and running well nearly all of the time is what we expect, we haven't cornered the market on ‘state of the art’ cloud server technology, a secured platform, firewalls, intrusion detection, regular back-ups and monitoring systems that will let us know within minutes of something going wrong.There are many options that will provide virtually 100% uptime.

Ultra-Reliable Website Hosting - has the OC personal touch, we are there, making sure all of this stuff is working correctly on your web presence, we know because we know your system and if something does go wrong, we are there to fix it, right away, if you have a question, a problem or need something - we are there for you, when you need us, with advice you can count on and explanations that you can understand.
Your CMS  or Online Store is nothing short of a technical marvel, few people realize the complexity, the sheer amount of code, that it is created by 100's of different developers, working independently; around the globe creating this wonderful web technology.  These Open Source systems are a platform for us to create custom business web solutions.  Under regular development by these Open Source Communities, security flaws and bugs are identified, fixed them made available to the developer community, sometimes within hours of a flaw being found.
The Openly Connected Value Add: keeping each of the layers, of your web presence, operating securely, effectively - every day for you. 
Openly Connected, Total WebCARE - Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting - is one way we provide New Business, Save Time and Improve Customer Satisfaction, for our clients, find out HOW!

Business Development

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE-Business Development

OC Business Development: Activities to promote our clients.

What makes up “Business Development” OC Style?

  • Knowing about your business (Our assessment)
  • Annual Comprehensive Strategic Internet Plan
  • Search Optimization, content for people & search engines
  • Search Optimization, requires meeting technical standards too
  • Get Mobile or get left behind
  • Find your Social Network Sweet Spot & get involved
  • Drive new traffic with Internet Marketing
  • Drive new traffic with Social Media Advertising
  • Effective and attractive eMail Marketing
  • Customized Reward Marketing

“It’s a great thing to know what I'm supposed to be doing, day to day for my ”web presence” AND getting GREAT results!“

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE-Business Development

Content, everything on the page, e.g. written copy, images/graphics, video, sound clips, links...

Search engines actually read your site’s “content” and rank your site based on how it understands what it read!

Writing website copy that makes sense to people and search algorithms is anew experience for most people.

Regularly creating new content for your website, as well as your social networks & blog is very important, to maintain or grow your ranking.

Search Engines

Making a website "available" to search engines is a big part of any web presence, in fact, there is a bit of art/magic at being good at it.

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Technical - the website’s coding must follow certain ‘standards’, which determines how well the Search Engines can read the informative tags and fields. Correctly constructed sites and pages can greatly enhance search engine indexing.  

Content - How the actual content is worded / written makes a significant difference, the use of “keywords & keyphrases” help the Search Engines understand the relevance  of this piece of content to a whole and how it is or is not relevant to a random users ‘organic search’.  Creating the art-skill of Internet Copywriting, creating meaningful reading for people and computers.   

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

A Word about some of the Google Services

Besides being the biggest Search Engine, there are quite a few Google Services which deserve consideration, but there a few that are more or less mandatory too.

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance#1 Google Analytics - this allows us to track every visitor and so much more

#2 Webmaster Tools - is a system which allows a webmaster to see inside a site the way Google would, fix issues and connect with Father Google.

#3 Google Drive - It is harder and harder to pay for services and software when Father Google does it so well.   Google Drive is the complete “Office Suite” fully compatible with Microsoft, online where it can be shared and collaborated with and can’t be lost.  

#4 Google Apps - a marketplace of free and paid apps, including an email service for your own domain, with the power of Gmail, if that something for you.

Google Apps

Reaching people, communicating visually, these things, Social Networks do.

There are a lot of options when it comes to which one and how to connect with them, the better you know your Social Network(s), the better your chances for good results.

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Display your Social Media connections on your website - There are various ways to display followers on your site you can show numbers of posts and pictures of your “friends”, with real-time data on your site.   Social Networking helps reach like-minded people and introduce them to your products or services.   Connecting with new customers on social media and sending them to your site, blog and store is just good sense.   Inviting visitors to connect with you on your Social Media keeps the connections fresh.  

Openly Connected - Social Networking Experts 

- Ready to give you a hand in expanding your presence or starting fresh.

- Creating and Posting; New Compelling Content 

- Building Custom Connections  between Social Networks and Websites and Mobile Apps

Found! - Your Business, online

Bulk Email - we can set-up and support a system which will work for you.


                    Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive MaintenanceOpenly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Advertising Facebook / AdWords - we can help devise short and long-term strategies, create ad copy/visuals and target ad runs, in the best demographics, in the best social networks.

you can count on Openly Connected for straight honest answers,

Openly Connected ~  TOTAL WebCARE - Proactive Maintenance

Doing the background work to know your business's particular situation, allows us to advise you on investing valuable advertising budget dollars.  

Starting with content, we work with our clients to make sure each page effectively communicates the clearest message heard by people and Search Engines. We make sure the platform is technically and content and ensure the important search engines understand too.   We work with Social Media, delivering