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Openly Connected, llc is a full-service Internet technology firm, featuring the latest Internet technology, with a side of common-sense.  We are technology agnostic, so we can choose the best tool for the success of our client's Internet efforts.   We love building (mobile ready) websites, Blogs, eCommerce stores and mobile phone & tablet programs (mobile apps), but releasing code or a finished site is only the beginning.   The real work is after the project is live, getting your new app to bring in new business, save you time and in crease your customers satification.  

Its OK to expect your OC web presence to work, year in, year out - consistently meeting & exceeding your expectations... because OC will be right there with Ultra Reliable Website Hosting, behind the scenes Pro-active Maintenance and Active Support programmers, designers and marketers ready to keep your presence as functional and relevant to your business as the day it was built.

See how Openly Connected can help you: generate sales, save time & money and improve customer satisfaction.

OC's Total WebCARE

Everything a business web presence needs.

Openly Connected's Total WebCARE service is a comprehensive program which manages all of the little moving parts which is todays Business Internet.  Total WebCARE is the single point of contact for business managers to over-see their entire Internet Presence, get the facts & figures and sound information to make choices and set direction.

Fully Managed Infrastructure  *  ProActive Maintenance   *  Active Support 

Total WebCARE: advantages of a full time staff, without some of the drawbacks.

Managed Hosting

The OC's Fully Managed Ultra Reliable Website Hosting is a key element of our complete website maintenance & support package, Total WebCARE.   We use the latest Cloud technology for incredibly secure, fast & reliable website hosting available.

Every Hosting Package Includes:

  • Data centers around the globe
  • Access to a CDN
  • OC Specialists on call 
  • Free emergency support 24x7
  • Reliable back-ups for all critical services:
  • Development site  (identical website) for testing & practice
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Hardware fully-managed and fine tuned
  • Search Engine Optimization / site map publishing  



Proactive Maintenance

Today's website is a complex system, made with other complex software projects, combined to create a particular web presence.   These systems are nothing short of amazing in their flexibility, cleverness, performance, stability and security but they are also fragile and require regular care, in the form of up-dates, monitoring and management to live-up to their potential.

Pro-Active Maintenance, preventive care for your businesses website, with OC, you won't be red-faced because your site is down, right when you need it most (or ever).

  • Monitoring: every 5 min, from 3 countries: Europe, Malaysia & 2 in USA
  • 8 point website check-up
  • Security updates, applied as they are released
  • Documentation for hosting, site functionality, projects, and general FAQs for your site are kept on the HUB to read anytime
  • Say good by to supprises caused by forgotton license and domain renewals  
  • Each new website Includes 1year subscription for Total WebCARE


Active Support

Total WebCARE subscribers have access to the OC HUB where our clients can manage their account business  i.e. Invoices and make payments.  We keep all the documentation about your site, passwords, notes and instructions.  All of the recurring assets such as domain names, digital certificates are in your account's calendar.  

You will also be able to open support tickets, to get all sorts of work done from programming to posting content to photography and writing or developing a detailed strategy.

  • We respond to support tickets in less than 24hrs
  • We know your site, we keep records and notes.  your site has history and maintenance records which can be very helpful.
  • Emergency Support - normally we know long before our clients when something is wrong, but if you find something let us know right away.
  • We follow standard development practices which keeps your site available for upgrades.

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